Siemens Turkey nominated for ‘National Champion’ award on sustainability

Türkçe için tıklayınız (Siemens Türkiye, sürdürülebilirlik alanında ‘Ulusal Şampiyonluğa’ aday)

We have been proudly contributing to the development of our country with our history of 160 years and in Fall 2016 we published our Business to Society report that summarizes such contributions.

And now there is a new opportunity before us to reward the sustainability efforts of Turkey. As Siemens Turkey, by combining our sustainability strategy with our social responsibility initiatives, we made an application to the independent European Business Awards to become a “National Champion”. We completed the first phase of the process with success. Now if you would like to support Siemens Turkey at the public voting held individually in 34 countries, you may cast your vote until 1 March 2017, Wednesday.

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